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Get the official Zings flashing stumps for your local club or school.
Flashing Stumps
Super bright flashing just like on TV!
360° super bright LEDs for maximum intensity in full daylight.
Precision engineered for hard ball cricket
Extensively tested with cricket ball impacts up to 160km/hr.
Affordable options for your local club or school
Buy your Zings outright or speak with us about other options.
30 days, no-risk, money back guarantee
Simple, no questions asked so you can experience Zings for free.
Welcome to Zings!
Welcome to Zings!
You see Zings all the time on TV - Now you can transform your club or school cricket games.

The Club Zing Wicket Set

Play like the pros using our innovative wicket set that will transform your game to the next level! You will get a complete set of stumps, bails and all the accessories you need.

Everything you need is included

4x Flashing Zings Stumps (2x outer stumps for each end)
2x Zing Middle Stumps
4x Flashing Zing Bails
1x Bail Charger
1x Stump Charger
1x Replacement Bail Spigot Kit
1x EVA Carry Case with all accessories
See how it works

450+ clubs around the world are already using Club Zing

Increased enjoyment for both juniors and seniors. Light your club up with our revolutionary wicket set!
Keep current players and attract new ones
Become an innovative destination club/school
Fast shipping available from both Australia and the United Kingdom
Eliminate bad square leg umpiring decisions
Attract spectators and new sponsors

Generate income with sponsor branded stumps!

A high percentage of our innovative clubs view Club Zings as an investment in creating additional sponsorship rights. Many of our members are re-selling the branding rights for significantly more than the cost of the kit – actually securing a profit… like these Club Zing members:

Zings in action.
As seen in amateur matches and on TV!

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Telephone +61 8 8440 2495

6 Todd Street, Port Adelaide
South Australia 5015 Australia

Luke McAlister

Luke McAlister

Zings specialist

Adelaide University CC C1 Grade (Capt.)
RH hack across the line, Ave 20.84
Right arm ‘in the slot’. Ave 16.60

Likes: Putting some creativity into afternoon tea.
Dislikes: 7 blokes bringing crackers instead.

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